The status quo of the extraterrestrial groups on our galaxy


Verses 1-19 published on 16.2.2011

1. Greys and reptilians are better folks today than ever in earlier times. In earlier times the greys and reptilians were cursed from wars and use of slavery. Robbing ended in modern times. In our extraterrestrial groups was life terrible, because also Creator hated our extraterrestrial groups, which were more wrongful than was even imagined.

2. Our extraterrestrial groups were valars and batmen already in modern times, although Creator meant them as beloved ruler species, has Creator changed his plans today. Today extraterrestrial groups function so, that there is the same amount in every species when compared to each other, so that ruler species wouldn’t be born, which would oppress all the other. All ruler species are always more wrongful than other species. Other species again are more wrongful than ruler species in their small matters, because they curse into submissiveness. Creator supported in modern times a lot of injustice for his extraterrestrial groups, because in the Creator’s system extraterrestrial groups were secondary, because he lives on planet Earth, on which extraterrestrial groups are not accepted.

3. The relationship of the extraterrestrial groups and the Creator was wrongful, because Creator would shoot himself, if he would know, what the extraterrestrial groups have done to greys and reptilians. Greys and reptilians were destroyed today, because even Creator didn’t like from cursed extraterrestrial groups. Extraterrestrial groups, which were cursed, were too wrongful towards all the others. Greys and reptilians were bombed to the end on this day from their 20 planets by valars and batmen, because greys and reptilians had bombed valars and batmen in earlier times in modern history. In ruling position are nowadays valars and batmen, but not as great as some time ago. They have been integrated with the others with the help from the spiritual world. Help from the spiritual world has been prevented from the greys and reptilians, because they were too wrongful. Having the future in the mind the greys and reptilians have to remain in the spiritual world to become repaired for the future times.

4. Greys and reptilians are not allowed to do anything in the world, because they are too cursed, and it can’t continue as so, that greys and reptilians would plan to regain their ruling position in some wrongful way. Because of their injustice greys and reptilians will remain in repair in the spiritual world for a longer period of time. Greys and reptilians were cursed fools, who have nothing to hide but everything beginning from the earlier times. In earlier times, they fooled the humanity of planet Earth.

5. Greys and reptilians are worse folks nowadays than what anyone can be in the future with the help from the today’s system. In today’s system in the spiritual world cursed are not allowed to live in the world, but they will be taken into repair or to the final judgment. Better extraterrestrial magic level is found from the valars and batmen than from any other extraterrestrial group, because they have not become wrongful even during the time, when they can be in the opinion of the Creator’s systems ruling species. Other extraterrestrial persons are greater together than valars and batmen even together, when the balance of power remains quite balanced. Valar’s thought structures are further developed than batmen’s because valars are an older species. Older species are usually always more cursed than newer, but the Creator’s systems don’t recognize the species of the valar to be more cursed, because according to the Creator it isn’t more cursed than others.

6. Valars are although worse as a folk, though Creator doesn’t want to believe in it. The valars have a terrible amount of armed forces, which they although use quite deliberately. The valars don’t know the Creator almost at all, because he has been in dealings with the valars quite rarely. At the valars there is better going on in modern times than even in earlier times, because they have been oppressed in the recent history by the greys and reptilians.

7. Greys and reptilians have oppressed other species in the recent history, because they were before this oppressed by others. Now the power designs have changed, and the spiritual world doesn’t accept any more greys and reptilians. Greys and reptilians have already been forgiven by the Creator their injustice, which they have done to him. Greys and reptilians are yet still worse folk than the others.

8. In the Creator’s system, there are a lot of flaws concerning the extraterrestrial groups, because he gave no mercy to the extraterrestrial-occultists. Extraterrestrial-occultists did work in their own opinion with their impertinent going on, when Creator saw them as impertinent and useless entities. Creator’s systems are cursed by extraterrestrial-occultists still, because extraterrestrial-occultists cursed them thoroughly and thus curses are still remaining. Curses are global bombing threats, which Creator still holds up, because he hates folk, who are too eased. With too eased going on one begins to do obscenities, which destroy spirit entities faster than we can think of. The eased going on is more dangerous than we can think of.

9. In the extraterrestrial groups there have been waged wars on this day, because the Creator’s systems don’t close off war situation. War situation began, when all were placed on their planets. On planets began a planetary war, when others noticed that wrongful folk had been placed on the planets. Planetary war was set alight with the systems of the spiritual world, because the spiritual world was wrongful towards the extraterrestrial groups. In the spiritual world, there are wrongful folks, who shouldn’t exist in the Creator’s system, because extraterrestrial groups shot themselves once again because of their own injustice. Because of their own injustice extraterrestrial groups were less holy than what was thought of. Furthermore, extraterrestrial policemen shot themselves, because in the Creator’s system extraterrestrial groups aren’t allowed to fight wars with each other almost at all. In the extraterrestrial groups, there is difficult to be because of interval deaths. Because of interval deaths, there can happen anything.

10. The systems of Sanctity don’t notice extraterrestrial groups almost at all, but it notices life that is on the level of planet Earth. Extraterrestrial groups don’t like the Creator more than earlier, because he organized extraterrestrial groups into hybrids, so that there would come more living entities to inhabit planetary systems. This kind of decision was made already in earlier times, but it wasn’t a very good decision. This desecrated the species in a terrible way in the opinion of others, but changed the situation more interesting than earlier. Extraterrestrial groups were given birth three times more when compared with the earlier. Earlier there were more minimally extraterrestrial groups, but still the Creator’s systems didn’t function in their completeness. Now when there is more of them, is the creation of the system easier to carry out. The creating of the system becomes easier, because extraterrestrial groups have to function more intelligently because of their great numbers. Great numbers were because of the Creator’s decision to make hybrids from the earlier species in addition to them. Earlier species functioned better as hybrids, because hybrids are less cursed and more in emotions.

11. Extraterrestrial groups were more wrongful in earlier times than today. Today extraterrestrial groups were duress acting more peacefully than in earlier times. In earlier times extraterrestrial groups were allowed to fight wars with each other with the permission from the Creator, if they leave planet Earth in peace. It fitted to the extraterrestrial groups perfectly, because the extraterrestrial groups were warlike. The war situation of the extraterrestrial groups was such, that extraterrestrial groups fight with each other because of their own lust for power. Because of their lust for power the valars cry from laughter, when they begin bombing flights to annoy other extraterrestrial groups. The valars bombing strikes hit their objectives on exoplanets. Extraterrestrial planets shot each other without them knowing who had originally shot at them.

12. On extraterrestrial planets was life terrible, because Creator couldn’t mumble his systems according to the needs of the extraterrestrial groups. Extraterrestrial groups were very different than in earlier times. In earlier times extraterrestrial groups didn’t do anything intelligent, but they lived with the Creator’s magic. Creator’s magic was earlier such, that with the help from sacrificing was possible to receive buildings and armies. This kind of function has been removed from the Creator’s systems in modern times. In modern times extraterrestrial groups build constructions and their armies with the help from the Creator’s system without sacrifices. The actions of the extraterrestrial groups have changed from earlier times. Nowadays, they are more peaceful. Valars are most dangerous from them, but not the most foolish. However they don’t have a lot of armed forces when compared to the others. Armed forces are small for each extraterrestrial group, because the Creator mostly removed armed forces from them. This is possible with the help from the spiritual world. Armed forces for the extraterrestrial groups are as follows: the greys have weapons almost none, reptilians have a minimal amount also and batmen have as much as valars.

13. Armed forces of the batmen are not great, but however the greatest. This is because of their suffering in earlier times. Suffering was because of the grey’s humiliating actions against them. The greys were terrible to everyone in earlier times. This was because of, that the greys were cursed because of earlier times. Greys were more difficult than you can imagine. Everything began from the grey’s suffering in earlier times. In earlier times the greys had been on the level of a sacrificial animal to others than reptilians, who had been grey like victims. Greys and reptilians were because of that together as an extraterrestrial group in later times. In later times, they lost their ruling position together to all new species. All new species are hybrids created by the Creator from the earlier species. Earlier species were hybrids from the human species from the part of greys and reptilians. The reptilian and grey species were all wrongfully created as hybrids, because they wanted to look better than as their original species.

14. Greys and reptilians were worse folk in modern times than anyone ever before. Earlier Creator liked more from the greys and reptilians than in modern times, because they weren’t cursed unlike in modern times. In modern times greys and reptilians bombed other species too much. However, greys and reptilians weren’t able to repair themselves because of their curses, so they were killed with the Illuminati and extraterrestrial-occultists. Illuminati and extraterrestrial-occultists killed greys and reptilians away from planet Earth, because the spiritual world wanted them away, because of their wrongdoings. Extraterrestrial-occultists had better reasons to kill greys and reptilians away from planet Earth, because extraterrestrial-occultists were killed by the greys and reptilians on their stolen home planet.

15. Greys and reptilians are worse folks still today than the people on planet Earth. The people on planet Earth are the best folk in our complete universe. Because of that extraterrestrial information is being suppressed. Because more wrongful extraterrestrial groups could destroy the systems of planet Earth too easily, if they could get in here as an extraterrestrial group. All the Creator’s systems are developed the best on planet Earth, because this is the planet that is governed by the spiritual world. The entire Creator’s systems function in the extraterrestrial groups more loosely, because they are difficult to control, because they are too wrongful entities. Too wrongful entities are all functioning according to the Creator, but only subconsciously, because side personalities function according to the Creator’s systems. In the systems of the Creator, one shouldn’t be allowed to do anything more wrongful than what the systems of the spiritual world accept.

16. Greys and reptilians are better folks after modern times, because they have been renewed to answer the requirements of modern times. The requirements of the modern times are requirements of the extraterrestrial groups. They are: peacefulness, comprehending the Creator, scarcity of personal problems, will to end tormenting or will to find alternatives to it, upholding the channeling ability, the repairing of all personal problems and the ability for repairing personal problems from others. Personal problems were terrible 5 years ago, when the systems of the spiritual world collapsed into insanity. Insanity rose from, that Creator didn’t care anything out of anything, but he studied conscientiously in school. Studying developed Creator’s work reason, which is the achievement of the education in modern times. The advantage of education: good work reason, lasting of personal problems, finding love in fellow humans, disparagement of religion, disparagement of all personal problems, finding the Creator from the spiritual channels and exit of absurd thoughts. Absurd thoughts were a problem for the extraterrestrial groups, because in the Creator’s system were absurd spots, which extraterrestrial-occultists had built. These structures were destroyed in modern times, because the Creator held absurd structures irritating.

17. Absurd structures were lacks created by the Creator, so that only good entities would survive alive for later times. Later times that are in modern times wrongful entities were destroyed, because they were under punishment so much. Creator knew nothing during this time, because he had a lot of personal problems. Creator repaired his personal problems in later times, when he became again a super being. Super beings are not as much wrongful as other entities, and so they succeed to live a life without punishment. Lives are usually without punishment but humans usually cause punishment with their own injustice.

18. Extraterrestrial groups didn’t like writings, which reveal their actions, but they are still enemies of the Creator to a lesser extent. Because they understand, that their situation is needed to know at least a bit on our planet Earth. All the entities of planet Earth are not even living in our universe, but they live in their illusions that everything goes perfectly according to their own thoughts. Although they think so, it is difficult for them to observe the reality such as it is in a more orthodox manner. Orthodox thinking is in the color of blood, and everything has been organized in a terrible way and comprehending in this manner the Creator’s systems function better, because even it isn’t perfectness.

19. In the Creator’s system, there are lacks in our universe, which aren’t irreparable. Irreparable systems were the systems of earlier times. Irreparable systems were Creator’s systems, which had lacks, which couldn’t be repaired in any way any longer. These kinds of systems have been destroyed today, because the Creator destroyed wrongful destroyers of the system with judgment to damnation. Creator didn’t like the appliance of the doom to destruction, because it was wrongful. Wrongful appliances have also otherwise been destroyed away from the spiritual world.