The status quo of the extraterrestrial groups #2


Verses 1:1-4, 2:1-6, 3:1-5 published on 8.6.2011

1. Extraterrestrial groups have again been reformed. Extraterrestrial groups have been reformed into the likeness of the Creator’s system’s. These kinds of reformations are reformations in accordance with the Creator’s systems, with which better going on is being created into our universe. All the functions of the universe are modifiable, when our extraterrestrial groups can be modified with the help from the spiritual world. With the help from the spiritual world a little bit of troubles came to the valars due to their militarism. Extraterrestrial groups don’t do work at all, so they can be changed anytime we want. If they had work, we would change extraterrestrial groups into non-working, because the extraterrestrial groups are never allowed to have work. Otherwise our universe would become cursed into a terrible condition, which would be harmful towards all life. Works for our extraterrestrial groups would curse then into use of slave labor force, which must not happen. All the users of slave labor force are dumber humans than their slaves, which curses wrongful thinking.

2. Everyone in our extraterrestrial groups is wrongful, because extraterrestrial groups threaten to planet Earth having future times in mind. Future times are more wrongful than we can think of, because planet Earth will have wars also by the Creator. Creator doesn’t want wars on to planet Earth, but those might come also by him, because his systems want wars on planet Earth. However, this is due to that, the systems don’t function well. All functioning systems would prevent warfare, but in accordance with the punishment wars might light up. All the Creator’s systems are more wrongful than one even imagines towards our extraterrestrial groups, because Creator didn’t want to be announced as the Creator, so that he wouldn’t become revealed to the extraterrestrial group.

3. Our extraterrestrial groups do nothing useful, because it is wrongful for them to travel on to planet Earth in our modern times. Extraterrestrial groups don’t like from traveling on to planet Earth, because the Creator has done mistakes towards the extraterrestrial groups of planet Earth. Creator doesn’t like anymore from extraterrestrial groups as the disturbers of planet Earth, because they have been revealed to be more wrongful human entities. The human entities of planet Earth are more perfect than was even imagined. On planet Earth was life terrible with the help from the extraterrestrial groups every once in a while, when spaceships were permitted to come onto planet Earth. The extraterrestrial persons of planet Earth were valars in our today. All valars cry from laughter, if they have access on to planet Earth, because they want planet Earth for themselves. On our planet Earth there haven’t come extraterrestrial groups for some time at the time of modern history. During modern history, we were without extraterrestrial groups because of the feature of a construction planet. All planet Earth’s extraterrestrial persons were quite good at the rotation of planet Earth in modern times, when the religions rotated planet Earth. The religions of planet Earth rotated the going on into Creator likeness with the help from the spiritual world. All of our extraterrestrial persons were more wrongful rotators of planet Earth than the original inhabitants of planet Earth.

4. On our planet Earth was life terrible in modern history as well, when in the end times we couldn’t do almost anything else than injustice. More wrongful humans were destroyed in modern times. In modern times, we are in a very bad position concerning extraterrestrial groups due to earlier times. Extraterrestrial groups are invading on to planet Earth with monstrous wars in the 2070s. At that time, our extraterrestrial groups live with the Creator’s systems better lives than we on our planet Earth. In this case extraterrestrial groups receive easier a permission to come on to planet Earth with the permission from the Creator’s systems. From planet Earth would all living entities be destroyed, if the extraterrestrial groups would receive a permission to it. All extraterrestrial groups won’t receive this permission, because it is very difficult to receive from the Creator’s systems. All the inhabitants of planet Earth are good destroyed occult meaningful, so that injustice would stay away from our planet Earth. Planet Earth will become destroyed after modern times in 2070s into an attack of the extraterrestrial groups. You will know nothing of them before they’ll come to bomb this planet. Planets die into extraterrestrial bombings, but on planet Earth, there is also an army in space at that time, when planet Earth will have to become a target of the attack. Planet Earth is defendable with land war, when with land war can be a victory received for planet Earth. All wars will be fought with robots at that time. One robot equals 300 humans not including the civilians. They have deflector shields in use and the sustainability of a nuclear weapon. Robots can also dig underground and do so surprise attacks during a long period of time. Digging can also take place beneath the frost limit, when the warfare in the north would concentrate to the summer time. Robots don’t like from water much, because it creates rust in them, but robots manufactured from rustproof and chemical lasting steel the robots will fulfill the functions’ assignment to them. Robots will do their destructive work to our neighboring planets, because robots will be sent on to Mars. From there they can attack more secretly to aid the planet Earth. Robot fronts would so be two. Humans guide robots better than they do themselves. Robots also hold us as their creators, to whom nothing bad is allowed to happen in the opinion of the robots, if they won’t become corrupted due to the nastiness of humans.


1. Robots cry from laughter, because they aren’t robots but programs in their own opinion. Because for the robots, the body is only a tool for the program, that rotates the whole robot. Robots are very beautiful to look at, when they function so well, but robots are more dangerous than humans are to each other.

2. All of our extraterrestrial groups have been wrongful towards planet Earth beginning from earlier times. Extraterrestrial groups have been in earlier times wrongful towards planet Earth. Our extraterrestrial groups and the Creator’s systems have as a purpose to destroy the inhabitants of planet Earth. This is a wrongful planet in the Creator’s opinion, but the system has to punish all the people of planet Earth.

3. All the entities of the spiritual world were wrongful towards each other and to humans as well. The spiritual world wants to punish planet Earth because of its wrongfulness. Angels have cursed young people for the extraterrestrial war with their monstrous activities. Youth has left planet Earth to go elsewhere, but on planet Earth, there are still original inhabitants left quite a lot. In later times planet Earth will be emptied from good entities, so that on to planet Earth an attack could be made from our extraterrestrial groups. Such plan would suit the Creator less than we can imagine, but there is an agile sedan to it. All the Creator’s systems would fall into it, because extraterrestrial groups are never again allowed to come on to planet Earth with the Creator’s permission at least. The spiritual world can although give a permission to this, because the spiritual world is more wrongful towards Creator than was even imagined.

4. Our extraterrestrial groups were terrible towards everyone, but in our extraterrestrial groups, there was so threatening folk, that they killed the Creator in their images. Then Creator ended his agreements with the extraterrestrial groups. Creator couldn’t act with the extraterrestrial groups, because they threatened the Creator too much. So the Creator decreased extraterrestrial groups again, so that they wouldn’t have too much armed forces. All the armed forces of the extraterrestrial groups are weakened, so that the Creator would be given possibilities to save planet Earth. Planet Earth is under extraterrestrial threat in later times. Extraterrestrial threat isn’t anymore the same, because the valars heard, what will happen to them, once they have conquered areas of planet Earth for themselves. They would become destroyed with the help from the spiritual world into as terrible condition as possible, because destroying planet Earth after modern times is more wrongful than was even imagined. On to our planet Earth there has been born many wrongful species, which could be destroyed with our extraterrestrial groups and their areas taken into possession, but the Creator has modified the entities of the spiritual world, so that the threat to planet Earth wouldn’t continue.

5. All extraterrestrial threats are more wrongful than was even imagined. So that on planet Earth there could be life, has the extraterrestrial threat become destroyed as far as possible. Our extraterrestrial threat is a bit more wrongful to the Creator, who is a very wise entity. All extraterrestrial threats are more wrongful than was even imagined in the spiritual world. The extraterrestrial threats have already made planet Earth more wrongful. Creator’s deals end to this for our extraterrestrial groups, because the Creator hates extraterrestrial groups blindly, because they are so chatter boxed from their emotions, that they don’t understand the importance of development. All our extraterrestrial groups are still threatening planet Earth in a greater scale than was even imagined. On planet Earth there will be an extraterrestrial war sometime in the future, if the Creator’s systems were destroyed completely away from planet Earth.

6. In our extraterrestrial groups, the Creator’s systems were destroyed, because the Creator was so wrongful towards our extraterrestrial groups. In our extraterrestrial groups, there was so much injustice done, that the Creator couldn’t even imagine the injustice of our extraterrestrial groups. Our extraterrestrial groups weren’t succeeding anymore in our modern times, because our extraterrestrial groups have been destroyed with the help from the spiritual world on to their lower level. Everyone in our extraterrestrial groups was more wrongful than was imagined, because Creator had broken his given promise to his extraterrestrial groups, which was as follows: All extraterrestrial groups are allowed to do obscenities to planet Earth, as long as extraterrestrial groups won’t anymore come on to planet Earth more wrongfully than we can imagine.


1. Our extraterrestrial groups are going to have no business in the Creator’s systems on to our planet Earth. So on planet Earth might be the extraterrestrial war prevented in later times, although it wasn’t, because in the Creator’s systems it is more wrongful to talk from extraterrestrial war even more wrongfully than we can even imagine. The more wrongful extraterrestrial wars can come on to planet Earth, because they are more wrongful than we can even imagine. All more wrongful humans know nothing from an extraterrestrial war, because wrongful humans want an extraterrestrial war here on to planet Earth. The most wrongful humans have caused thoughts of extraterrestrial war, because they are more wrongful than we can even imagine. All wrongful humans have been destroyed on the level of the spiritual world, because in modern times it was possible.

2. The thoughts of all the most wrongful humans are on the side of an extraterrestrial war, because it is the most wrongful activity. Wrongful activity is top wrongful, if it concerns a war situation. War situations are too wrongful, and the Creator doesn’t want them to take place. Thus the war situations are able to be prevented with the help from the Creator. Creator isn’t hateful towards peace, but he has to sometimes also fight wars with wrongful emotions. Wrongful emotions are wrongful, because wrongful humans kill other humans spiritually and physically more than others. Physical problems are problems of the workers of the spiritual world. Problems of the physical world are problems of the spiritual world, because in the spiritual world, there are physical bodies for the entities of the spiritual world. Physical bodies are important for upholding the functions of the spiritual world. Problems of the spiritual world are the problems of the physical world, because in the spiritual world, there are wrongful entities breaking the functions of the physical world. Such activity has been prevented, to some extent.

3. Our extraterrestrial groups are more wrongful than was even imagined in earlier times. Our extraterrestrial groups don’t know what to do, because planet Earth is like a hornet’s nest for wasps. The functions of the physical world are a little bit intelligence demanding, and the extraterrestrial groups have intelligence a little bit less than on our holy plant. This difference is because of the systems of the Creator on our planet Earth. All the Creator’s systems were destroyed with our extraterrestrial groups in modern times, although they weren’t, because the systems of the extraterrestrial groups were destroyed with the system of planet Earth. So the Creator destroyed the extraterrestrial groups from planet Earth more wrongfully than we can even imagine. Our extraterrestrial groups have a lot of injustice behind them. Our extraterrestrial groups have a lot of problems with the Creator, because he is a super entity, which there aren’t but one. All super entities are hated by the Creator, if they are more wrongful than has been even imagined. Creator hates his wrongful entities.

4. Our extraterrestrial groups are close to super entities, because they are led by living extraterrestrial persons, who are a little bit holier entities than was even imagined. All of our extraterrestrial persons are more wrongful than the inhabitants of planet Earth, because the inhabitants of planet Earth live in the Creator’s systems. On planet Earth, there are Creator’s systems, because the settings of planet Earth are the same as the settings of planet Earth in the original universe thousands of billions of years ago. In this case planet Earth has been inhabited by the Creator more than any other planet or area. Creator’s systems became destroyed, because Creator started to cry from laughter to all wrongful, who were more wrongful than we can even imagine. Wrongful humans were destroyed human entities on the level of the spiritual world. Wrongful were destroyed human entities on the level of the spiritual world. So the super bewitchings did leave.

5. Our extraterrestrial groups are good entities to themselves only, which is according to the Creator the definition of a good person jokingly. This is a very wrongful joke in the opinion of the spiritual world, because the spiritual world has destroyed the Creator’s jokes in earlier times, but the Creator could make his joke hated with our systems of modern times. Creator is a very funny entity with his jokes, from which one understands almost nothing, but otherwise. All extraterrestrial groups are completely wrongful towards the planet of the Creator’s system that is the planet Earth. Extraterrestrial groups have to end their threatening in later times. They are also valars and they live inside the moon. They have armed forces more than the others together. With placement permissions, they can destroy everyone on planet Earth in a small instant. The valar of planet Earth cries from laughter, because the conqueror extraterrestrial groups would never receive planet Earth into their possession, because the Creator’s army destroyed them already in earlier times also. In earlier times the Creator’s army has destroyed planet Earth also with land war, when the defense capability is important for planet Earth. The systems of planet Earth were destroyed in modern times from the ilu system, sacrificial system and occultists’ system into the System of Sanctity, which is very difficult to perceive, because planet Earth is slow to change.